Artist Profile: Immakkulate Milz



Immakkulate Milz is originally from Mount Vernon, New York. He has been a part of hip hop from the day he knew of it’s existence. Immakkulate Milz started out doing it for local rep. A few individuals from his hometown made it successfully in the business. That gave him the incentive to move forward in the commercial aspect of it. He has worked with quite a few individuals in the business from behind the scenes, studio work to live performances. Milz decided he will reveal those titles when he’s further into his career. Through hard work and perseverance Milz is determined to make his mark in music history. Sacrificing blood sweat and tears will allow him to appreciate success rather than take it for granted. Come flip through him photo album of life, view every angle of triumph and failure that life offers. These poses of experience help us build character and shape us into who we are present day. Turn this life music up and enjoy your days above dirt to the fullest. ”



Grown Folk Luv

Starting To Like Me


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